12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online

I have actually bought the 12 minute affiliate system and in this review, I will be walking you guys through everything (including the good and bad sides) of the 12-minute affiliate so that you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not this course would be something you would want to join or not.

12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online
12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online

All I ask is for a few minutes of your time because I will be going over very important things, Including a scam that you won’t want to miss if you don’t want to lose your money to scammers while trying to pay for the 12-minute affiliate system.

I will walk you guys through, a 12-minute affiliate scam that you have to avoid, what you get inside the course, the pricing, the good sides, the bad sides, a brief on the creator of this course, and lots more…

But before I get into all this, I would love to make sure everyone that’s reading this actually knows exactly what the 12 minute affiliate system is. But if you’re sure you already know what it is, just scroll past this part and get to the part where I reveal the scam you have to avoid & what you have to do to avoid it.

12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate About?

First and foremost, this system is classified as a done-for-you affiliate program. It is structured to help people make money immediately they install it. This affiliate program is for those seeking opportunities to earn income via the internet.

To make use of this system, you will need just 12 minutes of your time every day to set it up. Once you are done, the system begins carrying out most of the work for you. Some people claim that you can earn roughly four hundred and sixty dollars daily.

However, the 12-minute affiliate is not up for free. With this program, you can choose to subscribe to a monthly plan, or you can choose to go down the one-time lifetime fee route.

Putting it in simpler terms, the 12-minute affiliate is a done-for-you affiliate marketing program that owes its existence to a well-known web marketer. The first thing to note about this program is that it is not a scam but very legitimate.

The second thing to bear in mind is that it has the prospect to actually work if you have lots of cash to invest in the paid advertisements. And thirdly, it is impressive that it has a fourteen days affordable trial period. Nevertheless, the choice is always yours to continue using the system after the trial phase is over.

Note that it is structured first of all for those who are interested in making cool cash online. This is the set of people that do not want to actually put in much work to earn some money via the internet.

12-minute affiliate is practically a done-for-you system; you just need to join the dots and pay for the traffic it provides. According to the owner of this fantastic platform, the system is created for:

  1. The set of people who want to earn lots of money online without having to hold a product.
  2. The kind of people who do not want to build funnels or even have to write ant form of sales copy.
  3. The set of people who do not want to bother themselves with figuring out how to handle customers.
  4. Anybody who wants an online business that will be running fast.

The creator is right in what he claims. The whole process involved in building your affiliate marketing business from ground zero is daunting, overwhelming, exhausting, and lengthy. This does not in any way mean that growing your business is not worth it in the long run. Some people are not just up for that. This is why the program is in existence.

The 12-minute affiliate program is the best bet for those who do not have the time and patience to learn valuable skills as well as the whole affiliate marketing process.
Did we mention a money-back guarantee the program offers? You will love this about the 12-minute affiliate system.


Here’s The Scam & How You Can Avoid It!

The scam I am warning you guys about works in such a way that these guys use deceit. I don’t really know who the guys that run this kind of shady business are but the only way I can help is by warning you.

What these scammers that I’m talking about have done is that they have gone out and created websites that look exactly like the real and official 12minute affiliate website and what they do with these websites is that they go out and run google ads targeting people like you, who are searching for 12-minute affiliate system reviews because they know that you are most likely to buy the product.

What they do in those adverts is that they make it look like they’re the real, website and they offer you 70, 80, 90 & even up to 95% discounts and they know that when you’re done reading reviews you would probably click on their ads and enter your credit card details to pay on their websites.

When you fall for them and enter your credit card or Paypal details there, they will steal your payment information which you have submitted to them, and use it to make as many withdrawals as possible. So you want to make sure you’re staying away from these guys!

Now that I know that you guys know what this scam is all about, I’ll now walk you guys through the results that I’ve been getting with doing what I learned inside of the 12-minute affiliate system.


Here Are My Results!

To keep things short and witty here, I must say that what the actually talks about inside his course works because I started making substantial amounts of money doing what I learned inside the course. I put a screenshot to my new Clickbank account below so that you guys can see proof of me making up to $200+ every day simply doing what I learned in this course.

And, YES, I created a new Clickbank account for this to make sure it’s the methods that are being talked about inside the 12-minute affiliate system that’s driving the affiliate sales that are coming in.

So, YES, the 12 minute affiliate works and I would recommend you get it if you really want to get results but still make sure you’re doing it from their official website so that you don’t get scammed. I put links like the one in lots of places around this post so that when you’ve made your decision you can just click over and make a 100% secure payment.

What Do You Get Inside This Course?

Since this program is a done-for-you system, it is easy to set up. All you need to do is to wait around for your commissions to begin flowing to you. People interested in this program should know that is a sales funnel. What this means is that it has its pre-structured landing pages, and its emails are even pre-designed for easy use.

Also, it makes use of done-for-you traffic, so you practically do not have to worry about anything.
Furthermore, its sales funnel is structured for:

• Weight loss
• Personal development, and;
• Earning from home.

In simpler terms, you can actually promote products and services from the niches as mentioned above with the aid of this system. Importantly, you can only select one out of the three niches it offers.
However, if you want to go with all three, you will need to pay some more cash.

Also, because everything is pre-structured, you will need to personalize it. This personalization should be done for the email and landing pages to have your affiliate link in them. Once you buy the system, you are offered a checklist.

This checklist will give you the step by step instructions or guidelines on how to utilize the system effectively. There is a member area available as well. Note that this member’s area has different products that you can easily promote. However, promoting them will depend on the niche you go for.

Also, the products have guidelines on how to utilize the resources before you. Doing all of this is actually simple. Immediately you select the product you want, you will need to customize the landing page swiftly. With these customizations, the commission can begin flowing to you.

The next step is to link the landing page straight to your auto-responder. Then, you are to add pre-designed emails. For those who do not have any auto-responder, you will have no choice but to get one. Bear in mind that these auto-responders are actually not free.

So, expect to pay a fee every month. Also, the system offers a free trial period. This free trial is for you to test the packages and know which one to subscribe to. When you are done with this, you are to now include the done-for-you traffic. More so, the traffic being offered here has to do with purchasing a solo ad.

This solo ad contains the product that you will be promoting. It can easily be gotten in the area for members.
Interestingly, this system has an affiliate program. In the affiliate program, you can earn about fifty percent funnel commissions whenever a person signs up via your affiliate link.

Still, wondering what you can get inside this course? You will find within this course things such as:

• Done-for-you affiliate funnels
• Done-for-you follow-ups and emails
• The 12-minute system setup
• An E-Z funnel wizard
• A private Facebook community

Some bonuses attached to this course are:

• A success library
• A free traffic guide, and lastly;
• The How products promos

Let us take a look at the part where you can begin making money. There are methods this system uses in enabling users to earn commissions while on autopilot. They include:

• Landing pages.
When you set it up, you will be given landing pages, which is equivalent to websites. You will choose from about three niches. The first is the home business niche that involves earning money online
The second is the weight loss niche, which is the most substantial sub-niche in health, and the last niche is personal development.

• Connecting to an auto-responder.
Next is to link your landing page to an email auto-responder, which you will have no choice but to pay for. Setting this up is very simple, as there are guidelines provided. However, if you need the system to get it done for you, you will have to pay a small fee.

• Pre-designed Emails.
The system will provide pre-written emails for you. These are the emails that will be imported straight to your auto-responder. You will find promotional products in the emails. These products have already been selected by the system.

• Traffic.
In a bid to get traffic, you will have to buy the traffic. The traffic you purchase will be automatically forwarded to your landing pages. Note that, it clicks that you are buying and not the opt-ins.

This means that you will have no idea the number of people that will actually subscribe to your email list whenever they follow your link. However, this could actually be dangerous

When making use of paid traffic, there is no guarantee that all you paid for will result in sales for you. Simply put, there is every possibility of spending thousands of dollars and not get any deal at the end of the day. Bear in mind that, 12-minute affiliate provides its source of traffic. Nonetheless, this does not guarantee profitability from the traffic.

• Commissions.
In a bid to earn commissions from this affiliate program, people will have to purchase the products that you are promoting. It is worthy to note that your emails usually come with your unique ClickBank affiliate link.

Nevertheless, when you have a vast email list, there is every possibility of selling something.
At the end of the day, everyone is interested in knowing if the 12-minute affiliate is a scam. It is in our best interest to let you know that it is not a scam.

Also, some people have noted that it is a very decent way for newbies to begin their journey with affiliate marketing.
Even with its good points, most people do not suggest this program to affiliate marketing newbies. Even with its guidelines, you will have to figure out some things about the program all on your own. Understand that, the system has a one on one coaching that will assist you in learning more about how everything works.

However, this coaching is not among its regular membership.
Instead, it is a part of its diverse upsells that you will only have access to when you subscribe to be a part of the group. But, if you do not have the budget for this coaching, you will have no choice but to figure everything out on your own.

When it comes down to the budget, you will have to put it at the back of your mind that there are fees to be paid when you begin with this system. There is a fee for autoresponders, and the next fee is for advertising.
Are you wondering if this auto-responder is vital?

Yes, it is. With it, you can easily add up the done-for-you email response to subscribers. Note that this is yet another monthly fee. Though, the price depends on the auto-responder you choose to make use of in the program.
Like we have stated, you will need to save up an advertising budget.

This is because the done-for-you traffic is the only solo ad that the program offers its users. Nevertheless, when you pay for this traffic, you are unsure of the type of traffic that will be transferred to your sales funnel. 12-minute affiliate has made claims that it sends quality traffic to users, but there is no way actually to check this out.

You have no control over who the system targets or who they are getting their list from to pass on to you.
Note that what is being offered to you are the visitors. These visitors are sent to your sales funnel, and there is no assurance that they will ultimately turn into subscribers.

Moreover, it would make a lot of sense if there were alternatives for an unpaid traffic source.
Also, a substitute for people to get trained on how to get traffic would be better than the done-for-you traffic option. Due to the fact that the program does every single thing for you, users are restricted to just three niches.

PRICING: How Much Does It Cost?

On a general note, the 12-minute affiliate program offers two price plans to subscribers. Its first plan goes for forty-seven dollars monthly. With this plan, you are given access to everything but can only select one out of the three niches.

For the other plan, it costs ninety-seven dollars, and you will have access to all the niches. Nevertheless, the two plans give users access to a month’s worth of:

• Follow up mails
• Training videos
• Ebooks for free
• Funnel wizard, and so much more.

However, you are liable to try out any of the available plans for two weeks if you pay $9.95. When you visit the 12-minute affiliate sales page, you will find out a disclaimer

In this disclaimer, the program states clearly that 12-minute affiliate users are not guaranteed to earn money with the products. It goes on to say that a user’s earning prospects will rely on the efforts they put into the business.

Just as we have stated over time, you will need to make use of an auto-responder in handling your mails. This is done so that you can quickly transfer promotional emails to customers or subscribers.

Bear in mind that, the auto-responder is not a part of the 12-minute affiliate package. What this suggests is that you will have no choice but to pay for it. The system makes use of Aweber, and interestingly, this goes for nineteen dollars monthly for the first five hundred subscribers you get.

Importantly, Aweber has a trial period of thirty days. This means you can make use of it alongside your fourteen days trial period. But, after thirty days, you will be charged for the nineteen dollars.

Also, you are going to pay for the traffic in a bid to be successful with this program. You can choose to buy traffic from the program as it makes use of its inbuilt traffic source. It is essential to note some things about a 12-minute affiliate traffic strategy. It goes thus:

• Though you can go for free traffic, you will have to work for it manually.
• There is no assurance that the traffic you purchase from the program will ultimately convert into subscribers or customers.
• Since you will be buying from the system, you will have no idea where the traffic will be arriving from.

Furthermore, you are to expect upsells when you are a part of the members’ area. For this membership, you are to decide between two plans. They are:

  1. The basic membership.
    Here, you will get the basic membership immediately; you sign up at first. It goes for the price of forty-seven dollars monthly and a one time fee of three hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
  2. The gold membership.
    It costs ninety-seven dollars and a one time fee of seven hundred and ninety-seven dollars.
    The primary difference between these two memberships has to do with the number of niches that you can utilize in your online business.In the basic membership, you have access to just one slot. However, the gold membership will have you making use of all three niches. Furthermore, there is a trial period that runs for two weeks. But, it is not for free. You will have to pay $9.95. It costs forty-seven dollars to continue using this program

Now that I know that you know exactly what you get inside, I’ll now walk you guys through the bad and good sides that I found with the 12-minute affiliate system.

12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online

Pros Of 12 Minute Affiliate (The Good Sides!)

Since we have an understanding of what 12-minute affiliate is all about and what you can get from the course, it is time to let you know about its advantages. Differing from most of such affiliate programs, their creators are unknown. But for this program, the owner is real and well known.

He is known around the web marketing and network marketing niche. Also, he has a good reputation, and this goes a long way to reveal the kind of person he truly is.

Furthermore, the system offers sixty days money-back guarantee. What this means is that you can have a view on how the system works, and if it does not suit you, you can quickly request a refund. Note that, 12-minute affiliate has its very own affiliate program.

This means that you can make money by promoting this system to your family and friends. Interestingly, there is a Facebook group that you can join when you are a member. This is good as you can talk with users and ask all your questions.

Meanwhile, asides from its done-for-you system, your 12-minute affiliate membership is capable of granting you access to its Facebook support group. In the group, you will find more than one thousand members. This means you will receive a lot of support from users just like you.

An excellent advantage of this system is the fact that you do not need a hosting plan or website. It already offers landing pages and hosting in its package. It is a legit product

Now that we’ve seen the good sides, let’s look at the cons.

12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online

Cons Of 12 Minute Affiliate (The Bad Sides!)

As they say, every good thing has its disadvantage around the corner. For 12 minute affiliate, an issue with it is that there is no training involved. Simply put, the program will not fully equip you with adequate training on how to go about creating your online business from ground zero.

Also, people have written it off as expensive. Its basic forty-seven dollars plan is costly. It is costly when you include the fee for the email auto-responder and its paid traffic.

As you make use of this system, you will be placed under its hosting plan. While this is somehow good because everything will be more uncomplicated for you. However, websites are categorized under valuable assets lately.
So, you will not own any website of your own, and should anything happen to the 12-minute affiliate program, you will lose your access to the hosting plan they provide to you.

Yet another thing people do not like about this program is its 12 minutes earning mantra. They claim that you can achieve up to four hundred and sixty dollars a day. While it is quite possible to obtain such, it is all a part of bragging about the 12-minute affiliate system.

You will have to work extra hard and spend so much time in making this a reality if you have plans on making hundreds of dollars within one day. Also, this system is limited.

Asides from its done-for-you system been built around three niches alone, users are only allowed to promote web products from specific affiliate platforms. What this does is that it places a limitation on your earning prospects as an affiliate marketer

This is bad as the affiliate marketing field is very vast. There are issues with its suggestions on how to get traffic to the sales to funnel you utilize. Even though paid traffic is quite useful, it is only suggested to marketers with more experience.

As a newbie, you should concentrate on how to limit your spending. However, if you are to follow through with this recommendation of having paid traffic, you may as well end up spending more cash than what you budgeted.
It is advisable, to begin with, the free technique and works your way to the paid traffic when you have more experience and much more knowledgeable.

Also, its one on one coaching is not so much of a good idea.
People have complained about problems with how pricey the upsells are. There are also issues with how the program limits the niche that a user can be an affiliate marketer in.

Understand that; there are diverse hidden fees as well as how pumped up the income prospect of the program turns out to be. It is not advisable for newbies to make use of paid advert in getting traffic.

The Creator Of The 12 Minute Affiliate

The creator of the 12-minute affiliate program is none other than Devon Brown. He is a highly known and successful web marketer and considered to be a calm person. If you are aware of Webcopycat, then you should have an idea of who Devon Brown is. He is the owner of the product as well.

Webcopycat was quite popular for some time. It would interest you to note that Devon Brown is not one to debut products all the time. Neither does he bombard the email address of his subscribers with several offers within one week.

He has social media accounts and a website that you can follow in case you doubt his existence. One of his primary focuses is to eliminate all obstacles that people face when it comes down to affiliate marketing.

Asides from being a prominent web marketer, Devon Brown is also:

  • An online entrepreneur
  • Success coach
  • Blogger
  • Emcee
  • Speaker, and even;
  • Hip-hop dancer.

All of these can be found when you go through his social media biography. He has hundreds, if not thousands of followers on both Instagram and Facebook. He is a charismatic speaker also.

Furthermore, Devon Brown has created diverse sales systems that assist people in promoting various network marketing businesses. The prominent 12-minute affiliate is just one of his latest projects. It is not a scam project.
He is widely known across the web marketing world, and thousands of people are using so many of his systems.

This is to let you know that he is not into scam projects or out to get your money.
Even though we know who he is, it does not mean that his plans or systems are foolproof and function without any problems. Similar to any program out there, you will find issues with the 12-minute affiliate as well.

A major problem you will find everywhere is that Devon’s 12-minute affiliate system is not beginner-friendly. Newbies will have issues making use of it at first. Nevertheless, you now have an idea of who created the fantastic 12-minute affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the 12-minute affiliate program is rated as a very decent program as it enables users to quickly set up their affiliate sales funnels in a bid to begin making money on the web.

Nevertheless, it is not very easy to earn cash with this sales program like its page suggests to potential users. For newbies, you will come across a massive learning curve. It is quite difficult to recommend this product to those new to affiliate marketing.

This is because the 12-minute affiliate gives a false display of how to create affiliate marketing businesses. If you are interested in learning how to create real online businesses, it is better if you learn how to go about it on your own.

Like that, you will have a better understanding of how the business functions and, you will be happy to learn some valuable online business skills.

This is not to say that the system is not sound. What all this means is that the system is for people with a year or two years of experience in the affiliate marketing route. And, as well as those who are experts in knowing how to monitor paid advertising campaigns.

These people can make use of the 12-minute affiliate system to earn additional income for their businesses. It is fantastic that newbies can get to try out the system for $9.95. This is done to check out if it is suitable.

You can also watch the review video I attached below if you would like t see a best video review of the 12 minute affiliate program.


12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online


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12 Minute Affiliate Review The Best Way To Make Money Online


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